PP Strain Hero


Apple Jack Icon

Apple Jack

A combination of Jack Herer and White Widow crosses to create a potent cerebral mix for mind, body, and soul. With fruity, sweet earth flavors that are a perfect compliment at breakfast, before a hike, or in the early afternoon.

Gelato Cake Icon

Gelato Cake

A combination of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake cross to create an insanely delicious terpene profile known for its relaxation. Great to enjoy after dinner and also when you are getting together with your people.

Purple Punch Icon

Purple Punch

A combination of Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purple cross to create a knockout that one-two punches you to sleep. Great for after dinner with a movie or just before bedtime.

Strawberry Mimosa

Strawberry Mimosa

Strawberry Mimosa is related to the very well-known strain, mimosa. A swirl of Purple Punch with Clementine, this variety is a great way to start the day and for enhancing workouts.

Animal Cookies Icon

Animal Cookies

A combination of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Fire OG, this variety comes on quickly and hits heavy first with a happy euphoria then slowly working throughout your body. Great for light social events or lounging around on the weekend.

Berry White Icon

Berry White

A combination of Blueberry and White Widow that cross to create a balanced uplifting yet relaxing effect. Great for light social events or lounging around on the weekend.

Moon Chews Icon

Moon Chews

Super delicious strawberry and blue raspberry gummies that are out of this world. Moon chews are great for discreet consumption day or night.

Tropicana Sherbet Strain

Tropicana Sherbet

A combination of Tropicana Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, this variety comes on with full-body effects that are elevated by a jolt of happy cerebral energy that slowly creeps throughout your body. Great for lounging around on the beach this weekend.

Space Rntz Strain

Space Rntz

A combination of Zkittlez and Gelato, this balanced variety is an ideal choice for sweet fruity flavor fans who are looking for a creative burst that settles into a calm peaceful state of bliss. Great for creating your next artistic masterpiece, before a quick nap.

Alien Mntz Strain

Alien Mntz

A combination of Alien OG and Animal Mintz crosses to create tingly creativity that slides into a comforting serenity. A piney lemon earth flavor with that traditional OG style underneath. Great for before a hike or listening to the latest track that dropped.

Grape Headz Strain

Grape Headz

Super delicious strawberry and blue raspberry A combination of Grape Ape and Lemon Tree provides a carefree relaxing experience that leaves you in a happy euphoria. A robust flavor of grapes and lemons swirl with afternotes of skunk and diesel. Great for before a hike or listening to the latest track that dropped.

Gorilla Nut Strain

Gorilla Nut

A combination of GG#4 and Peanut Butter Breath provides a balanced experience that leaves you floating in comfort while still staying productive. A thick flavor of peanut butter mixed with that true original glue taste. Great to help you stay relaxed while you clean or just sit down and take some time to yourself.

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